Kipling Collegiate as a Peaceful School

It is possible to notice a distinctive culture of peace at Kipling Collegiate Institute (KCI) since it deliberately started to inculcate the principles of peace, respect, and non-violence. KCI won the prestigious Peaceful Schools Award for 2005. It is a member of Peaceful Schools International, a membership that took some qualifying work in terms of promoting peace in the school, and having workshops on peace, conflict resolution and peer negotiation. The school also regularly has workshops by a youth organization called YOUCAN on peace and conflict resolution. KCI went from being a school with problems with fighting and gang issues to one that has far fewer incidents, suspensions, dropouts and academic failures, and higher participation by parents. Part of the success of KCI is due to the philosophy of the administration. Principal Roger Dale believes that students should be respected initially, rather than having to earn initial respect. He emphasizes a nonconfrontational approach in maintaining discipline in the school. This respectful atmosphere encourages students to respond in a positive way as well, and this is evident in the way students carry on with dignity, a sense of responsibility, and peaceful relations in the school. KCI was rated by Macleans as being one of the top 10 schools in Canada because of the way it rose to face various challenges. The Toronto Star did a feature on the school focusing on its remarkable multiculturalism, with some 54 nationalities represented in the school. While some might see that diversity as a possible cause of discord, it has rather served, in general, as a premise for inter-cultural harmony, mutual respect and learning.

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