Peace Resources

By David Sztybel, PhD

1. Peace Quotes

2. Peace Heroes

3. Peace and Conflict Strategies

4. The Philosophy of Peace

Note 1: This website is an extension of Dr. David Sztybel’s Visions of Peace Project at Kipling Collegiate Institute, a secondary school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that is outstanding for its commitment to peace. The school is a member of Peaceful Schools International and won an International Peace Award in 2005. Dr. Sztybel’s conducted a series of workshops related to peace and conflict resolution and the philosophy of peace. His area of expertise is in philosophical ethics, however, and the peace resources provided here for the Kipling Peace Project focus mainly on philosophical aspects. It can be said, however, that the Kipling Peace Project is more than just a website. One could say that the project of peace is carried on every day at Kipling by students and staff members who continue to carry on the extraordinary culture of peace in the school.

Note 2: The Peace Quotes featured in the first link above is more extensive than the document with peace quotes provided in the workshop.

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